Our feel-good principles

The hotel is named after Hermes, messenger of the gods, who is regarded as the patron of the travelling merchants and traders in Greek mythology.

HERMES-HOTELs want to be your patron on your travels.

Our principles are:

  1. Guests: Our guests are “guests” and not kings or queens,
    we want to be your “host” and not your “servant”.
  2. Hotel staff: We appreciate our hotel employees as fellow men and treat them in the same way, as we would like to be treated.
  3. Quality: Everything should be as good as we ourselves would enjoy it.
  4. Service: We want to look after our guests just as we would like to be looked after.
  5. Prices: Our prices should appeal to our guests and provide a reasonable rate of return, in order to maintain the quality and be able to improve it.
  6. Complaints: Complaints are expressions of disappointed expectations. We want to do everything possible, to avoid disappointments or make up for them.
  7. Environment: We want to live in harmony with our environment. » find out more

The well-being of our guests and our staff is the ultimate aim of our management.