Terms and conditions of the “Hermes Hotel Oldenburg” GmbH

(limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner)

  1. Ordering, assuring or near-term procuring a hotel room, orally or written, is a conclusion of contract.
  2. The conclusion of contract pledges the contractual partners for the entire duration of the contract, to fulfil the respective responsibilities: :  a) Duty of the hotelier is to procure the room according the booking. b) Duty of the guest is to pay the charge for the time/duration the accommodation has being booked for.
  3. Cancellations can only occur in writing and are only valid when confirmed from the hotel in written form. Cancellations made orally or on the phone are invalid.
  4. If the guest does not make use of the hotel room, he is nevertheless legally bound to pay the price for the effort of the hotel, regardless of the reason for hindrance. Thereby, only actual savings of the concern have to be deducted.
  5. According to experience, the savings of the concern add up to 20 % of the price of accommodation.
  6. The guests duty of payment (amount of the ulterior generated money of this duration)  does not apply, if the hotelier can make ulterior use of the room.
  7. The hotelier enacts the claim of payment for all services ahead of departure and correspondingly a legal lien on the ceded property of the guest.
  8. Having agreed on a payment through sending the bill, the account has to be settled within 5 working days, counting from the date of reception. If, due to organizational problems, a longer time for payment is requested, the price for accommodation advances (1,– Euro per room/night).
  9. Booking 10 rooms or more, an advance payment of 50 % of the total amount is to be afforded by 7 days after the reception of the booking confirmation. The unpaid balance is to be paid on arrival.
  10. Since in case of not using the room, the contents of the contract need to be adduced in Oldenburg, court of jurisdiction is Oldenburg.

Stand: Oldenburg, 01.01.2009