Our environmental awareness

A fundamental part of the Hermes Hotel Philosophy is the responsibility we feel for our environment. This means that our actions are oriented towards ecological principles and that we are always trying to improve our environmental performance. Therefor we decided to create the following points, which reflect our environmental philosophy

1. Responsibility
As an Earthling we are aware of the responsibility we have for our environment and see the protection of it as an important part of our actions!

2. Integration and education of our employees
by the means of information events and direct education we pass on our philosophy to our employees in order to sensitize and motivate them to act environmental friendly.

3. Sensitizing our guests
through questionnaires we like to include the opinions of our guests, which helps us improve our strengths and signal our weaknesses, so that we can learn from them.

4. Continuous optimization of our energy consumption
we constantly try to optimize our energy consumption through new environmental technology. Therefor the replacement of less environmental friendly devices for better ones has a high priority.

5. Compliance with all current environmental legislations
the compliance with all current environmental legislations is self-evident to us.

6. Regionality
to strengthen the local added value we work closely with reginal distributers and farmers and prefer local products. Fresh and environmental friendly production gives us the opportunity to ensure a better quality for our groceries and products. The short delivery channel is also easy on the environment.

7. Selection of our business associates
when we select our suppliers and business associates, we prefer companies that are also environmentally cautious.

8. Responsible use of our resources
Resources are the basis of existence of all generations to come. Therefor we promise to use them responsibly.

9. Safety at work
Motivated, well-educated and satisfied employees ensure workplace safety. We try to educate and sensitize our employees to ensure this.